Natya Chetana:A Cultural Action Organization and Resource Center For Mass Awareness
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Our Achievements

Because of Natya Chetana's commitment and demonstration of SOCIAL and ARTISTIC activism, it has uplifted its image at national and international networks such as :

  • Invited to many state level theatre festivals to perform
  • Within 20 years it has produced and performed 22 Long plays in urban areas, carried 41 short plays by bicycle expedition, once crossing 700kms once to put up 70 shows of a play. These are not propaganda plays promoted and dictated by financers.
  • Performed in national theatre festival represented Oriya language in Golden Jubilee national theatre festival of Central Sangeet Natak Academy (National Council for Performing Arts).
  • Invited by National School of Drama, New Delhi and Nandikar, Kolkata like leading theatre organisation of the India to perform in national theatre festivals organized by them.
  • Invited by Indian National Television (Doordarshan) to perform theatre for them in live telecast shows.
  • Has become an active member in State Amateur Theatre Association (Orissa Natya Sangha)
  • Natya Chetana has been organising Peoples Theatre Festival since more than 10 years by involving villagers, theatre persons of the cities and international delegates in a process-oriented event.
  • Is connected with national level theatre groups and alternative thinkers in the filed of theatre art
  • Has been getting a annual small-grant from Central Sangeet Nataka Academy (National Council for Performing Arts), New Delhi.
  • Is a member of IDEA (International Drama and education Association) since 1995 and Subodh has been elected in different posts of the association.
  • Performed in International festivals- Natya Chetana is the first and the only modern theatre group, who has performed in International Theatre Festival in Europe. It has taken part in a festival named FITA (Festival International Theatre Action) in 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004 covering France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands. Also performed in 1995 (Nepal). 2005 (Netherlands, France, Finland).
  • Natya Chetana performed in World Congress of Drama and Education (Bergen-Norway) in 2001 being one of the 7 professional theatre groups played there. Same year took part in International music festival in Kaustenin, Finland.
  • Natya Chetana performed a puppetry and a theatre production in Netherlands, Finland and France in 2005 by a group of 5 women artists and conducted workshops through them.
  • The concept of Natya Chetana theatre has been presented in the form of lecture or workshops in different international events in Australia, UK, USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Finland, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka etc. since 1993 regularly.
  • UK based Stransmillis University Press has published a book on Natya Chetana written by a English Playwright and is released through a college under Queens University (2006).
  • A lady social scientist of Finland (Ms. Satu Ranta Tyrkko) under Tampere University, is doing her Phd research taking Natya Chetana as the main subject.
  • The only full time theatre group of Orissa, running with a non-profit making motive after the era of professional theatre between 1960s, which disappeared in 70s.
  • Developing a Theatre Village (Natya Gram), which is one of the rare in India on 5 acres of lonely land 35 kms away from state capital. There is a museum of 30 folk musical instruments of Orissa collected during theatre studies.
  • The only theatre group of Orissa developed its own style of scoring intimate spaces to produce long plays for urban audiences. That is how it carries its theatre to any town where even there is no auditorium.
  • A first time attempt was made to promote women’s leadership in the field of theatre as there is no woman in the state who is known as a playwright and expected to direct a play. A process to train selected women artists and invite them to produce their plays in its People Theatre Festival was a history created in 2005.
  • The only modern theatre group offering scopes to students from abroad and facilitating studies on Indian Theatre and social action through theatre, since 1992. Drama students, Social workers, Youth like peoples have come from The Netherlands, Finland, UK, Belgium, France etc. and stayed with Natya Chetana to experience Indian group life and to share the theatre techniques.
  • The news papers and local television always cover the events organized by Natya Chetana without any proactive efforts for Press publicity.