Natya Chetana:A Cultural Action Organization and Resource Center For Mass Awareness
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History Of Action :
Theatre Tour to Bangladesh by Indian artists of Natya Chetana, Workshop with Bangladesh theatre team reviving the play - Baje Sei Ghanta and 3 performances. SH1: Natyakala Kendra-Chittagong SH2: Drama Deprtment-Dhaka, SH 3: Press Club, Khulna Rupantar-Bangladesh, BITA-Bangladesh, Natya Chetana
20-01-2010 Saraswati Puja Natya Chetana, Bhubaneswar Natya Chetana Volunteers
25-01-2010 to 16-02-2010 Theatre Workshop of young artists with experienced ones: workshop version of play – DHUAN (1 hour) Natya Gram Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi
06-02-2010 Performance of play-DHUAN, in National Open Air Theatre Festival Berhampore, West Bengal Yugagni, Berhampore
17-02-2010 to 21-02-2010 17-02-2010 to 21-02-2010 13th Peoples Theatre Festival organized by Natya Chetana with a special focus on – “Environment”. 7 groups of artists from Orissa (Folk and modern) and West Bengal played 7 plays played, special theatre workshop by Patrick Navatee(France-Belgium), Theatre Market, special poster exhibition on Environment, Reflection seminars on performances, camp of 103 theatre artists, documentation of the process etc.. Natya Gram (Theatre Village) of Natya Chetana near Khurda. BD (Belgium)
26-02-2010 Performance of play-DHUAN, in Basant Mahotsav Theatre Festival of Nabjeevan Sundergarh Nabjeevan, Sundergad
27-02-2010 Performance of play-DHUAN for orientation of students and a pre-step for formulating courses on Performing Arts in Sambalpur University Sambalpur University, Burla Sambalpur University, Burla
06-03-2010 to 09-03-2010 Participation in celebration of 100 years of International Women’s day observation ; conducting session on Women’s Right to express in Cultural medium Adivasi Padia, Bhubaneswar Association of Women’s federation (NOW-Odisha) and NC
16-03-2010 to 19-03-2010 Subodh’s participation as Observer of Theatre workshop of Purba Paschim-Kolkata facilitated by Rudra Prasad Sengupta and Anjan Dutta West Bengal sangeet Natak Academy and Shantiniketan Purba Paschim, Kolkata
22-03-2010 to 23-03-2010 Facilitation of Orintation workshop for Antaranga, Kandhamal federation Natya Gram Action Aid
27-03-2010 and 28-03-2010 Celebration of World Theatre Day in collaboration with IIT-Bhubaneswar conducting Drama competition and street theatre competition with the show of – DHUAN by NC and BIPLAB by Uttarayani Club within their function “Alma Fiesta” RRL Auditorium, Bhubaneswar IIT- Bhubaneswar
29-03-2010 Exhibition show for the national symposium organized by Odia dept. Utkal University PG Council campusr Odia dept. – Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
01-04-09 Utkal Divas celebrated with the child artists of Baji Rout Chhatrabas by realising a Solar Light series before doing a play on Sun and global warming Baji Rout Chhatrabas, Angul Natya Chetana
02-04-2010to 11-04-2010 Theatre workshop to revive cyco theatre play – Surya Namaskar Baji Rout Chhatrabas, Angul Natya Chetana
12-04-2010 Celebration of National Street Theatre Day with the performance of Surya Namaskar in Angul Angul Natya Chetana
06-05-2010 to 19-05-2010

Tour in Belgium and France

• Subodh presenting Natya Chetana concept before Mirrior Vagabond, Belgium

• Subodh presenting Natya Chetana concept before Mirrior Vagabond, Belgium.

• Exposure to Exhibition of Tribal Arts of India in Paris

• Progress check with the French theatre groups supplying light and sound equipments to Natya Chetana in 2011

• Appraisal about Natya Chetana before BD, the Donor Partner

Marche, Bordoun, Brussels, Ghent of Belgium, Paris, France Natya Chetana, Patrick Navattee
20-05-2010 to 27-05-2010

Tour in Finland :

• Series of Meeting for future collaboration and exchanges. Attended Public Defence of Satu Ranta Tyrkk, Tampere University Finland on her thesis on Natya Chetana, published by Tampere University Press.

• Appraisal about Natya Chetana before India Committee SF, the Donor Partner

Helsinki, Tampere of Finland Natya Chetana, Maya mama, Satu Ranta
28-05-2010 to 06-06-2010

Tour in German :

• Exposure to Bertolt Brecht’s theatre, group and performance; witnessed 2 performances

• Presentation about Natya Chetana concept before friends of ASTA - University of Potsdam

• Exposure to regional cultural festival and interaction with Solo performer of German using India music

• Presence in Indian Embassy in Berlin during the event on literature.

Potsdam, Berlin of German Natya Chetana,ASTA-University of Potsdam, Ms. Girit
22-06-2010 To 25-06-2010 Attendance in Strategy Planning Workshop organized by BD and conducted by Mr. Fabien (Canada) XISA, Raipur Broederlijk Delen, Belgium
26-06-2010 Attendance in Action Aid Consultation Meet for 5 years Plan of Action Aid HHI,Bhubaneswar Action Aid