Natya Chetana:A Cultural Action Organization and Resource Center For Mass Awareness
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Documentation :


Natya Chetana has recorded-audio cassettes of around 300 hours on folk songs, classical dhun / music, traditional music, speeches and interviews of eminent theatre personalities, voices of audiences who reacted to our plays etc. Apart from that songs on activism, different issues and on traditional music have been produced in professional audio format and are available in normal cassettes to buy.


Natya Chetana has a collection of video cassettes on theatre performances by itself and others, culture and activism, theatre processes and events, speeches and demonstration of eminent theatre personalities etc.. The upcoming library is within a process to convert the stored 600 video cassettes to video CDs. Natya Chetana also has produced Oriya video films on Industrial impact, Power of unity, poverty, women’s empowerment, child labour etc. to set a model of good pro-people movies for common masses.

NC’s video unit offers its service as a professional video-making unit for documenting socially committed activities. It has Digital system to provide audio visual CDs as outcome of the document.


There are around 300 albums to see & around 35,000 photographs have been preserved to expose the Natya Chetana activities since inception. But this includes the study of culture, important theatre events with eminent personalities etc.. This is to help the cultural researchers and to keep the documents for future references. Natya Chetana always tries to put photo exhibitions on theatre in important occasions and gatherings.


Natya Chetana has been interested in keeping books, journals and periodicals on - Dramas, theatre references, important Oriya literary works, cultural expressions, performing art, training methodologies, group management, social activism etc.. The library has books mainly in Oriya, English and Hindi language. Around 3000 books, 1000 journals/periodicals and 500 reports are in the library for references. It is growing year by year.


“Natya Swara” is a known quarterly bulletin in the field of Oriya theatre, which has been published since 1990. This is the only one such quarterly, which has been sustained for such a long period. Initially it started with cyclostyled copies to distribute among local theatre contacts. Now it is printed in upset format and reaches at least 500 contacts all over the state. It covers the subject related to theatre, cultural activism and information on NC activities.


Natya Chetana has been publishing its dramas that have been performed. There are long plays (Intimate Theatre) and short plays (Cyco Theatre). It also publishes reference books on different concept of theatre and some important reports of activities. This clarifies and establishes an Indian theatre style, which Natya Chetana practices. A book on Traditional Musical Instruments of Orissa has come out by Natya Chetana as a pioneering one.

Natya Chetana runs wit its Screen Printing ( Hand Printing) unit to publish posters and invitations etc. for its activities.