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  • 1995 – Played theatre – ‘Wildmen’, ‘Kahapain Atmahatya’ in South Asia People Theatre Festival in Nepal.
  • 1998 – Played theatre – ‘Wildmen’, ‘Bisa Bazar’ and ‘Taangia Chhap’ in Festival Internationale Theatre Action in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.
  • 2000 - Played theatre – ‘Sapan ra Sapan’ and ‘Kaatha’ in Festival Internationale Theatre Action in France, Belgium, Italy and The Netherlands
  • 2001 – Played as one of the 7 professional theatre groups in World Congress of Drama and Education at Bergen, Norway. He plays were – ‘Wildmen’ and ‘Taangia Chhap’.
  • 2001 – Played ‘Wildmen’ and ‘Taangia Chhap’ in International Music Festival at Kaustinen, Finland
  • 2002 – Participated as a trainers team in a Theatre Festival FITA and conducted theatre workshop in Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Finland.
  • 2004 – Conducted a theatre workshop of a month in Belgium to create a new play - "the Blue Gold" and played in FITA covering 43 places in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • 2005 – Five women players played a theatre - "Reboti" and a puppetry "Abhayabara" in about 20 towns of The Netherlands, Finland and France as a women's drive fro feeling empowered.
  • 2007 – Played ‘White Gold?’ in IDEA World Congress of Drama and Education at Hong Kong and create a joint production named "Nomad's Land as Crossing-III" with Theatre Du Fil of France.


Australia : First invitation to an international exchange programme to present Natya Chetana concept of theatre. This was followed by the IDEA's 2nd World Congress of drama and Education where Natya Chetana was being selected as the Indian representative. (1993, 1995)

Nepal : First Asian theatre festival to present Natya Chetana performances. Theatre Experts from Nepal has taken part in networking events and conferences organised by Natya Chetana. Now a time has come to refresh the relationship with Nepal through Sarwanam, a leading theatre group at Kathmandu. (1995, 2007)

Hong Kong : Regular Interaction and exchange visits still continuing for long period as performers, trainers, presenters etc. in different events. (1994 - 2007)

The Netherlands : First financial support from HIVOS, first theatre student came from university of Utrecht for a research placement, regular youth exchangers came and stayed for long time and regular visits by Natya Chetana became possible, the main Women's empowerment creating theatre director and playwright was by ICCO-IDEA (the Netherlands) and MAMA CASH (The Netherlands). Got special invitation to perform. (1988/1992-2005 cont..)

Belgium : FITA (Festival International Theatre Action) is a network established in Belgium which organises a festival once in 2 years. Natya Chetana through pen-friendship got involved with them and got invitation quite a few times to take part in their festival. Many publication in French languages have incorporate Natya Chetana experiences as a model of Theatre Action. Now another voluntary organisation named BD considered Natya Chetana to be their partner and just have stated a fresh project of theatre training and a theatre drive. (1998-2008..cont)

France : Through FITA network got involved with Theater du Fil , a similar theatre group and went with regular exchange visits and co-productions. (1998-2007..cont)

Germany : Terre des Hommes extended financial support for a special Children's Theatre Project to research theatre as a method of personality building for making the students speak in classroom. It ended with a success which was being presented in the head office in Germany at Osnabruck. (1992-1996)

Norway : NORAD has been extending financial help and then the Norwegian Embassy for which Natya Chetana team could visit Norway for performing in IDEA World Congress-2001. It has been a major source of financial support and the only concrete building constructed after Super Cyclone 1999 was through Norwegian Embassy. (1993-2002)

Finland : Through IDEA network Natya Chetana received visitors from Finland who became very close friends. Now a woman student from Sociology of Tampere University, Satu is doing her Phd research taking Natya Chetana as the major subject to study. Natya Chetana has performed 3 rounds in different important occasions. Now a days Natya Chetana has been supported by a voluntary organisation named Siemenpuu Foundation. (1999 - 2008 cont..)

England : Christina arrived through VANI network selecting Natya Chetana as one of the 10 voluntary organisation to study Organisational management for her PhD research. There were regular call for presenting Natya Chetana in Exeter University. Stransmillis University of Belfast published a book specially on Natya Chetana. Young students have got scholarships to undergo theatre experiences from England. theatre workshops have been conducted. Regular exchange visits could be possible. (1996-2007 cont..)