Natya Chetana:A Cultural Action Organization and Resource Center For Mass Awareness
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Financial Income:

Natya Chetana, as a nonprofit-making organisation, never attempts any commercial ventures by competing with the market policy, even though Natya Chetana dreams about a situation being self-reliant in future. It has survived through temporary financial sources as follows.

Natya Chetana depends on:

  • Public Donations
  • Sale proceeds from ticketed shows
  • Sponsorship of shows
  • Training fees
  • Sale proceeds from Natya Chetana publications and other products
  • Project support from individuals and organisations
  • Project support from organisations abroad
  • Project support from Government organisations and Academy of Performing Art
  • Hiring out Documentation unit
  • Consultancy fees advising NGOs and development sector
  • Hiring out facilities of Theatre village.

List Of International Donors:

  1. HIVOS(The Netherlands)
  2. NOVIB - SMALL PROJECT FUND ( The Netherlands)
  3. EZE - small project fund (Germany)
  4. IGSSS (Indo German)
  5. TERRE DES HOMES (Germany)
  6. NORAD (Norway)
  7. ANDHERI HILFE (Germany)
  8. WACC (UK)
  9. OXFAM-GB (UK)
  11. ICCO-IDEA (The Netherlands)
  12. MAMA CASH (The Netherlands)
  14. BRODERJLIK DELEN (Belgium)
  15. CONCERN WORLD WIDE (Ireland)

....also UN organisations like UNICEF