Natya Chetana:A Cultural Action Organization and Resource Center For Mass Awareness
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Mission & Vision


To explore and develop theatre and artistic abilities for reviving own cultural roots and highlighting socio-political-economical themes for supporting people’s movements leading towards a self-reliant society with equal justice and right.


  • To perform Modern Indian Theatre for building mass awareness.
  • To support mass movements by planning, designing and implementing motivational activities like theatre action, puppetry action, poster exhibition etc.
  • To do research on methodology of theatre application encouraging social action groups for using theatre as a process.
  • To conduct training and workshops on ‘theatre for awareness’, ‘cultural communication management’ using different cultural medium like poster, puppetry, theatre, action songs etc. for building capacity among cultural activists.
  • To organize festivals, seminars and get-together for exchanging ideas among cultural and theatre workers.
  • To facilitate networks in the field of theatre and cultural communication for getting solidarity.
  • To act as a center to revive and highlight traditional or indigenous performing art
  • To document the process of Theatre and the cultural expressions for further references to research.
  • To perform theatre and cultural activities for raising funds with a purpose of socio-cultural development.